BBQ season

Check out how the BBQ area now looks! In true British fashion as the concrete arrived the rain came down! Luckily it stopped not long after to allow the concrete to set!



A huge thank you must go to Eamon McEvilly from EP McEvilly Contractors Ltd who organised all of the concrete and the brick work. Knowle and Doritch rotary club continue to support the farm massively and recently invited two project workers along to Copt Heath golf club as part of their fundraising activities for local charities. Both of the project workers gave a small speech and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!



The winter fields are having a well deserved break from all the animals which has allowed the grass to get super long! We top the winter fields regularly through the summer to encourage the grass to become thick which allows the fields to withstand long wet winters with lots of hooves galloping around on them!


Morse and Marple have been extra naughty recently and have become very good at escaping from their stable! You can’t stay mad at them for long though!



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