Goat Goals

Our good friends from Loyds joined us from all over the country again on Wednesday to help us with another mammoth challenge! This time there was a deadline to the task as the team had some new arrivals to get the enclosure ready for, three baby goats! 

Thirty five willing employees from Lloyds joined us to help build the new enclosure which required a lot of muscle power!

Over thirty posts had to be bashed into the ground before the group could even begin with the wire fencing on top and the gravel boards at the bottom.

There were also two gate posts to dig in and get level and then hang.

Aside from all the fencing there was also a small team tackling the log splitting so that we have plenty to fuel the cafe with in the winter. This log bay was empty at the start of the day so the team did an outstanding job to get it half full in just one day.

Once all the jobs had been completed the team got to see the end result as we let Cola, Oscar and Athena out in their new paddock! As always we are hugely grateful to all the employees that came and gave their time to help us get this enclosure completed, they also paid for all the materials to build the area which is a massive boost to the farm in helping us set up the small animal area.

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