The farm is home to nine horses who are a variety of shapes and sizes!
They are used in grooming activities, long lining, leading, lunging and grooming. The project workers help with all aspects of horse care, including vet/ dentist/ farrier visits. As well as the horses, we also ensure that we are up to date with our and maintenance. This includes poo picking, fencing, bark chipping gate ways, re-seeding paddocks, harrowing, and rolling. We often use the small tractor which the project workers drive along with a small trailer.

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We also have nine mature Jacobs sheep (ewes) at the farm who keep us regularly entertained with their antics! March is always an exciting time as this is when we start lambing! The project workers get involved and even managed to watch one of our ewes give birth this year! Usually the ewes lamb at night or early hours of the morning so that made it extra special to witness.

The farm has also recently developed a small animal program. Included in this are budgies and rabbits. As well as the new addition of three anglo x boer goats called Athena, Oscar and Cola. Their enclosure was very kindly built by a team from Lloyds who came out to volunteer at the farm for the day. We also have three Gloucester old spot pigs who bring us a lot of laughs when they are squealing for their food in the morning!

There is also an aviary housed to around 15 colourful budgies. Solihull Lions kindly raised the money to purchase the aviary which is now a firm fixture in the farms must sees! They are very naughty!




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